50 Cent Hits Home In “All Things Fall Apart” + HBO Premiers, How To Make It In America |Photos|


Last night proved to be a monumental night in filmmaking as it marked the New York premier of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s film, All Things Fall Apart and the premier of HBO’s “How to Make It In America”.

The cast of both films came out in full force for the 15th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival 2nd night of presentations where they chatted with media, and discussed their film during the post Q & A.

Attendees of the night included Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, director Mario Van Peebles, Lynn Whitfield for “All Things Fall Apart” as well as the cast of HBO’s How to Make it in America (Victor Rasuk, Luis Guzman and creator Ian Edelman).

Some of the celebrity supporters that came out in support included poet Sonia Sanchez (Sonia Sanchez: Shake Loose Memories), film pioneer Melvin Van Peebles, Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, Stephen G. Hill (BET), reality star Tami Roman (producer of The Tombs), Jerry Lamothe (director of The Tombs), filmmaker Warrington Hudlin, The Sugar Hill Gang (I Want My Name Back), director Andrew Dosunmu (Restless City), writer/critic Toure, actors Khalil Kain and Stephen Hill, and many more.

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“All Things Fall Apart”

An inspirational film centered on a promising football star, Deon Barnes who plans to make it to the NFL. At the pinnacle of his career, Deon faces a battle for his life. With his dream shattered, and the reality setting in of not being able to play football, he tries to keep his struggle from the NFL scouts. Now with his life is torn apart, and dealing with his family’s broken hopes for a better life, he sets out to make things right again. Deon discovers another side of himself, a strength he never knew, and a power to rise above it all as things seem to fall apart all around him.