Doing Too Much? Lil Wayne Takes His Skateboard Show On The Road With Portable Ramp


Lil Wayne is not taking his new hobby as a skateboarder lightly. The award winning rapper has taken his skateboard set-up (personal ramp included) and attached it to the back of his Escalade. O_o

According to TMZ, Weezy packed a portable quarter pipe into a trailer, pulled by an Escalade — and the “tricked out” SUV now follows the rapper’s tour bus 24/7.

So apparently, whenever Wayne feels the urge to show off his skills – the team pulls over at random places on the road to squeeze in some “much-needed board time”. Ummm.

And if you thought that was excessive, the rapper’s even hired a pro skater to coach him. Check the footage of Weezy practicing his skater-boy moves after the break: