A Woman Scorned: Terrell Owens Baby Mom’s Petitions The Court For His Arrest?!


Football player and reality tv star, Terrell Owens, may be headed to jail for late child support payments if his estranged baby mama gets her way.

Melanie Paige Smith, who has a 5-year-old daughter with Terrell Owens, is claiming Owens is a dead beat dad and has filed a petition asking a Fulton County Superior Court judge to lock up the pro baller.

According to Melanie’s lawyer, Randy Kessler, Terrell is currently two months late on his payments and didn’t pay for June and July until August.

Why the hold up? Well, according to T.O. — the NFL Lockout has drastically decreased his income (from an estimated $666K a month) to where he can now only afford $2500 a month.

Unfortunately, T.O.’s baby momma is not interested in his so called “financial issues” as she threatened to go public if the payments were not up to date.

According to Melanie’s lawyer, Terrell responded to his ex via text taking the threat lightly:

“He texted her and said she could speak to the media, he didn’t care,” Kessler said. “So she has.”


Sadly, this is not the first time T.O. has experienced baby mama drama. Check out a recent interview where he admits he has a 3 year old son he’s never seen: