Teedra Moses Talks Working W/MMG, New Album & Upcoming Show Dates |Video|


In the video below, a favorite here on MSDTV, Teedra Moses, speaks on working with Rick Ross & Maybach Music, how she managed to maintain and grow her fanbase without a deal, staying true to herself, and how she is inspired by a lot of new, underground hip hop artists. She recently sat down with VibeVixen to speak on her upcoming album & why was she only doing adlibs on the Self Made album?

Yeah, definitely, and that recent mixtape received a lot of love and positive feedback. When can we expect to get the album?
The situation with the album is that I make songs, then I wanna do something else. I have four songs that have never changed. Now I have a total of 10 songs that make up the album, and there’s a couple more I’m working on. But the thing with the album is just when the label is ready. I can’t push before the label, you know what I mean? So what I do is just try to make sure I’m ready. I’m always ready and do my part to create the buzz to make it a priority to put the record out.

Now going back to MMG, how come you weren’t on the compilation album?
I was on the compilation album, but I came into the situation when it was almost done.I flew out to New York and just did some vocals on some records, I did a hook on a couple records, but I didn’t really do a song because it really was a rap album. And I’m not the kind of person that will force myself into a position, you know? It has to be organically done, and I just had to play my position. One of my favorite records is the first record, “Self Made.” I’m singing harmonies, and I feel that I’m a really good arranger and I use my instrument well. I think that’s a perfect example of me putting my impact on a record without me saying one word. I was on there, but I wasn’t on there in the sense of having a whole record or a whole verse. We tried some of that, but it was just kind of forced. I’m not into that. It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality, and I think the places where I was placed on a record were in quality places where my voice was highlighted.

If your a major fan of hers & would like to see Teedra live, hit the jump for some upcoming show dates.

Upcoming Show Dates
Oakland, CA – Yoshi’s – 9.18.11
STL – Lola – 10.7.11
NYC – SOBs – 10.12.11
Chicago, IL – The Shrine – 10.13.11
DC – The Park – 10.14.11
NC – Livingstone University – 10.22.11 (With Lloyd)