Not Everyone’s A Fan: China Bans Beyoncé & Kanye West’s Music


China has officially banned Beyoncé’s hit track, ‘Run the World’ which is featured off of her fourth studio album, “4.” However, Bey is only one of many successful stars to have their music banned from the populous country; others included Katy Perry’s, ‘E.T.’ featuring Kanye West and The Backstreet Boy’s 1999 sensation, ‘I Want It That Way.  This is pretty surprising considering the content of the listed songs are not necessarily offensive in any way.

On a previous list made by the Chinese Ministry, Lady GaGa’s, ‘Born This Way,’ already made the cut. But, this time around GaGa adds six songs to the lengthy list, including ‘The Edge of Glory,’ ‘Hair,’ ‘Americano,’ ‘Judas,’ ‘Bloody Mary’ and ‘Marry the Night.’

The Chinese Ministry said in a statement to CNN, “Our targets this time are online music products that we have not registered or reviewed. They don’t necessarily contain illegal content.”

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