Say It Ain’t So: T.I. Arrested Again…. For Riding Fancy?


As reported by MSDTV, T.I. was released early this week and transitioning into a half-way house to finish up the last month of his sentence.

While everything seemed to be on schedule, reports are now saying that TI has been taken into federal custody at a federal penitentiary – as of yesterday evening (SMH).

Why? Well once TI was released from prison, he was picked up in a multi-million dollar custom tour bus. (Oh you fancy hunh) And it is rumored that T.I. had some of the “usual suspects” on the bus waiting for him. (Not a good look TIP)

His lawyer, Steve Sadow reports:

Grammy-winning rapper T.I., who was freed after months in prison, was back in federal custody Thursday because of a flap over his use of a luxury bus to report to a halfway house.

Sadow told The Associated Press:

That the Federal Bureau of Prisons “has moved T.I. to a different facility” because of an issue involving the rapper’s 375-mile trip Wednesday from the Arkansas lockup to Atlanta in a gleaming motor coach.

He explains that, “there appears to be confusion surrounding the method of transportation”. (Um, yeah)

Although Sadow did not elaborate on the exact nature of the problem federal authorities had, he did state that it was not drug-related and they were trying to resolve the problem.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved, or I have a feeling this is a wrap for the rapper!

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned..