Rumor: Rihanna Wants Out, Plans To Give Jay-Z The Management Boot?


You might say this was bound to happen, but it seems as if the recent news of Beyonce’s pregnancy – has speed up the inevitable break up of pop star Rihanna with manager & Roc Nation head honcho Jay-Z.

According to, Rihanna has decided to officially drop Jay Z and his RocNation team as her managers.

MTO reports that the decision to drop them, “was officially made by Rihanna after she learned that Beyonce was pregnant”. O_o

The site claims that since last April, Rihanna has been considering dropping Jay as her manager – when she “learned of certain financial irregularities” and when Jay and RocNation began to “unofficially managing Beyonce”. (Sounds like jealously to me )

MTO says that Jay had a “private discussion” with Rihanna – after which, Rihanna promised to stay with his management team.

Apparently that promise didn’t last long as Rihanna is rumored to have officially decided to drop them as managers. An official announcement confirming this has yet to be released.

Of course MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned..