Cover Spotlight: Michelle Obama Is The ‘Essence’ of Power & Megan Good is ‘Rolling Out’ In Her 30s


Isn’t it great to hear about strong women with a good message? Well MSDTV is offering a little “cover spotlight” to Ms. Megan Good and First Lady Michelle Obama who are headlining two popular magazine covers.

In the latest issue of “ROLLING OUT” Magazine, Megan Good reveals how she put herself on the right spiritual path, is embracing her 30s and her hopes on inspiring other women. See a few of the excerpts below:

RO: Is there a newfound freedom in going after these new roles, and not allowing yourself to be confined to certain types of characters? Has this approach helped to birth a new Meagan?

MG: No, my freedom and renewal comes from finally being happy with who I am, and being comfortable with all of me — even my shortcomings. I have come to a place in my life where I don’t have a problem saying or doing what I feel publicly. The only thing that I do focus on is walking a spiritual line, and that means that I want to represent a woman of God. I want to be a virtuous woman of God, but by that same token, I’m very different in my approach. I’m not overly religious. I’m not judgmental. I don’t look down on people and I don’t try and force what I feel on them. But the truth is, I love Jesus Christ and I am a Christian.

Now, I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m improving daily. I have to, because I know that there [are] a lot of young girls watching me, and I do want to teach them and be a positive influence in their lives. I want them to know that they can go out and have fun, but you also have to be smart. And I want them to know that if they choose to have a boyfriend, they need to always respect themselves and know their worth, and demand that he do the same. I also want to encourage young girls to be abstinent … as you can see, I just really want to be a positive influence.

Check out more photos of Megan Good after the break and Mrs. Obama’s plan to inspire young women.

Megan Goode reminds us “black don’t crack”.

More from Megan Good’s interview:

RO: You mentioned wanting to teach young girls; what would you have taught a young, 21-year-old Meagan?

I would have told her how much the Lord loves her, and how perfect she is in the Lord’s eyes. And I would have just told her to have faith and know that God is going to make everything work out. I would have told her that she shouldn’t try so hard to control her own destiny, and that she shouldn’t let people’s opinions of her make her form an opinion of herself. And lastly, I would have told her that she shouldn’t let people who are still trying to figure out life themselves, hurt her by their judgments or opinions.

RO: Who was more influential for you: was it friends, boyfriends or family when it came to developing your opinion of self?

MG: My mom and my sister were very positive, and I had a lot of friends and family who were very positive influences. They would call me out when I was wrong, they always encouraged me, and [they] were my shoulder to cry on when I needed it. At the time, there were a lot of things that were negative, whether it be a boyfriend, the media, or just anyone. I was always being judged about my appearance or whether or not I was being hypocritical with my words and actions.

And it’s funny since I turned 30 about two weeks ago, all these lights clicked on, and I spent all of [my] 29th [year] preparing for it and not knowing it was happening. I was preparing for this moment, and it’s just a really great place to be now. When you surround yourself with happier people and disregard the negative, it’s a much happier place to be.

RO: Tell us about your birthday wish when you blew out your candles.

MG: I just wished that the people around me, and that people in general would know how valuable they are. No matter what their circumstances are, I wished for them to know that there is a better them on the other side. All they have to do is step out on faith and they can walk into it. That’s the nice thing about this last year … I discovered my faith in a major way. My world completely crumbled from every aspect you can possibly think of, but it was necessary in order for me to step into my new life. So I stepped into it and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I just thank God that he gave me the strength, and I’m proud of myself for actually stepping out on faith, and allowing myself to be as happy as I am right now.

MSDTV has newfound respect for Megan Good. Kudos to her! Check out the full interview here.

Another woman who reminds us that aging ain’t all bad is First Lady Michelle Obama who covers the October 2011 issue of ESSENCE Magazine in a lovely pink floral dress. In her interview with Essence, Michelle talks about her role in the White House and how she hopes to inspire other women.

On the note of her journey from Chicago to the White House, Mrs. Obama explains:

“My story to young people around this country and around the world is, Don’t look at me as the First Lady first; look at me as Michelle Obama, a girl who grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Because I was there, and this is attainable. There is no magic to this. It is hard work….”

In the article, “The Leading Lady,” she also talks about using her life and journey as an inspirational tool for young women, showing them that anything is possible if you work hard. Plus, Mrs. Obama also lands on the magazine’s annual ‘2011 Power List,’ along with Oprah Winfrey, Valerie Jarrett and Shonda Rhimes. (Nice!)

ESSENCE Editor-in-Chief Constance C.R. White commented on Mrs. Obama saying:

“Michelle Obama is the quintessential ESSENCE woman; impressively defining herself on her own terms. Opening up to ESSENCE about living her most authentic life – by following her passions and unapologetically investing in herself and her family — Michelle Obama is embracing her purpose and channeling her power. She is undoubtedly poised to become one of the country’s most popular and productive First Ladies.”

You can read the rest of the interview with the first lady entitled “First Lady Diary” and view more of the gallery here.

Thanks to ESSENCE for keeping it classy! MSDTV will keep us posted on other women that inspire!