The Dream Opens Up About Suicidal Thoughts & Why He Won’t Be Working With His Ex On Music


The Dream recently opened up to Vibe Magazine about his new album slated to be released this fall, dealing with thoughts of suicide, his ex wife, and why he’s okay with being the “bad guy”.

In the interview The Dream explains, why he’s not interested in working with his ex, Ms. Milian on music:

VM: I caught a tweet between you two that made it seem as if you were working musically again.

TD: Mmm-mmm. She asked me but…

VM: You don’t want to mix work and divorce together?
TD: [Shakes head]

VM: For someone who loves a challenge, that’s a little surprising to hear.

TD: Me and Christina already discussed what I think she should be doing and I would never do anything other than what I think is as real as she could be.

Check out more excerpts from the interview after the break and how the Dream dealt with thoughts of suicide:

VM: Let’s talk about your next love songs. You had a very public split with Christina Milian. How has that influenced your coming new music?

TD: It’s just allowed me to be more real. I’d rather be the bad guy than anybody else be the bad girl because I can handle it. It’s a bad thing that two people can break up, but the truth of the matter is that it happens all the time for different reasons. But what’s wrong with a public breakup is that they never really know the truth. And I won’t be the person who says it. I’m not going to be that type. If something breaks, it’s not something to celebrate.

VM: Well-put. So you’re saying you’re not the only one who did wrong in that relationship, but at the same time there’s no need for details?

TD: Right. I won’t put something on someone else’s plate that they can’t handle. What this does for me is give me another plateau to speak on break ups from another point of view. Maybe through me a woman can learn how to keep a ni–a.

VM: One of the things I was surprised to see from you, being a private person, was that letter you posted on your site some months after your break up. In that letter you admitted to contemplating suicide.

TD: Yep, every day.

VM: Tell me about that time and how you were able to rise above it.

TD: I think it was just how my mind works. You have so many things rushing through your mind and I was trying to figure out how to make it stop. It’s easy to look at someone and say there’s 80,000 different ways for you to deal with it. No. Maybe for you, but me having to one, be in control of every aspect of my life and two, loving people how I do and being so thoughtful… when certain things are out of control, if it’s the type of personality that I have, you start to lean towards the best way to make it end. Like what stops this for not only me, but everyone?

Of course that’s not the smartest thing to do, which is evidently why I’m still here. But it’s just one of those things that creeps into your mind when you’re not even paying attention. As soon as “Umbrella” happened I was nonstop, everything was crazy. It’s not about having a pity party, it’s just the truth of my life. What led me to that thinking was taking everything and everyone so serious instead of doing things the way I think about my music. Which is who gives a f–k what you think? Everything is speculation so it’s like how do I say something so you do understand, but you don’t blame me or blame Christina. But since everyone has me as the bad person, I’ll just be the bad motherf–ker. And eventually I just got over it.

VM: Glad you did. It takes a lot to not only overcome that, but also speak about it publicly.

TD: Definitely. People deal with it more than you think. I’m human. At that moment… what I would tell all girls… is if a man asks you to marry them, it’s okay to say no. It may f–k with his ego for the time right there, but if you’re being honest and you’re just not ready, then both of y’all are just not ready. That’s what the common problem was [between me and Christina]. We weren’t ready for that—for a whole bunch of reasons I’ll never name. We just weren’t. Sometimes you have to meet people during the right time.

The full interview can be seen HERE where he also discusses the hate from everyone, why he keeps leaving twitter, which artists he’s working with next, and more.