SMH: Katt Williams Fights Local Rapper At Young Jeezy Concert And Gets Thrown Out |Video|


Comedian Katt Williams recently made headlines at a Young Jeezy concert in Phoenix, Arizona this weekend– when he decided to take his frustrations out on a local rapper.

Although details are still emerging as to what exactly caused the fight, the video after the jump — clearly shows Williams in the midst of the brawl – inciting the backstage riot and beating his chest as if to say, “bring it on suckas!”.

During the concert, Jeezy must have caught wind of the bafoonery — as he mentioned:

“I don’t know what the f**k going on behind me, but I really don’t give a f**k. Cuz I came here for Pheonix tonight!” (How appropriate)

Yet, the rapper soon became annoyed (as seen in the video after the break) when the stage lights would not be turned off until Williams, and his gang of groupies, were finally given the boot escorted out.

Check out the video of Katt going “ham” and then being escorted out after the break. SMH.

I’m not sure what Katt Williams has been on lately, but one thing is for sure – Crack is a helluva drug!