News: Bishop Eddie Long’s Accusers Plan To Release Tell All Book, Long Responds Via Letter |Video|


If Bishop Eddie Long knows his scripture, then he must know that, “whatever is done in darkness [always] comes to the light”.

Not surprisingly, the Bishop’s personal business is about to be lit on fire as two of his accusers (who previously settled) are now stepping forward with a soon to be released, “tell-all book”. (Get your popcorn ready!)

Plaintiff’s Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande are speaking out about their experiences with Bishop Long and have decided to write a memoir of what really went down during their adolescent years.

While Jamal and Spencer had originally agreed not to discuss what happened due to their out of court settlement, both men (in ther early 20s) spoke to ABC affiliate WSB-TV about Bishop Long and why they are moving forward with the book.

Check out their full story after the break and Eddie Long’s response:

Jamal Parris

“It’s just not enough anymore. I thought I could cover the pain up. I thought I could move, start over and everything will go away. I was terribly wrong,” said Jamal.

Jamal told WSB-TV that he grew up without a father and that Eddie Long seized on that vulnerability.

“To have a man love me for just who I was. I just had to be me, and love him back.”

During the interview, Jamal pointed out a “JL” tattoo on his arm, which he said stands for “Jamal Long.” (Interestingly, the Bishop was present during the tattoo session. SMH.)

In reference to the book Jamal said:

“You ain’t ready for the secrets. I don’t care if this book sells one copy. But if it’s just for me, this is what my life looked like, this is my voice for the first time.”

Spencer LeGrande

Spencer added:

“Ten years of details, each person. It’s gonna be a book full of ‘wow’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ and ‘Oh my Gods.'”

Spencer also commentes on Bishop Long telling his church that he would fight the allegations and that he was “David” in the David vs. Goliath parable. Spencer remarks:

“If you read the Bible again, mister, we are David.”

And what about the settlement money?

“I feel like burning [the money]. I’m going to tell the world – money does not buy happiness,” he said. “When you sleep at night, the problems are still there. The money stuff, who cares about the number,” Spencer said.

I guess the truth really does set you free? Your thoughts?

Check out the full video interview below:

Bishop Long’s response to the recent headlines had this to say:

New Birth Members,

We have a long history of dutifully serving those in need in the local and global communities and we will continue to do so. We are committed to the calling of a strong, viable and relevant ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, we are in the media again and people are wondering what I am going to say. All I have to say is what we stated earlier. All parties involved decided to resolve the civil cases out of court. The decision was made to bring closure to this matter and allow us to move forward with the plans God has for this ministry.

I will continue to honor and abide by my commitment of confidentiality and restraint as it relates to the resolution of the civil litigation and will not be diverted from the important work of the ministry.

I thank God for your faithful support of my journey to South Africa where thousands where blessed and more than 700 people gave their lives to Christ. We also were able to sow more support into the HIV/AIDS Hospice in Johannesburg that we partnered with last year. We built a wonderful bridge of relationships with pastors and community leaders to further establish the Kingdom and bless others.

I love you and thank you for your continued commitment and dedication.

Your Pastor,

Bishop Eddie L. Long

Sounds like Eddie is still trying to keep it together… but we all know that it’s all about to break loose when this book drops!

MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned!