Update: Love & Hip-Hop Fight Details Emerge, Chrissy Instigates Fight With Kimbella & Punches Her?!


As reported by MSDTV, drama has already erupted on the set for season 2 of Love & Hip Hop.

While early reports claimed that new cast member Kimbella (Juelz’s baby mama) – started a fight with Emily about her ex, rapper Fabolous, new information from an anonymous source – claims that it was Chrissy who started the fight and punched Kimbella. O_o

Check out what “REALLY” went down with Chrissy and Kimbella after the break:

The source (who says they work on the show and was present at the night filming) reveals:

That night of Emily’s party celebrating her new independence from her ex boyfriend rapper Fabolous, new castmember and Juelz Santana girlfriend Kim told Emily that she used to talk to Fabolous over 3 years ago. She explained that this was before she met Juelz and that Juelz knows everything as well.

Kim told her this in front of all of the girls because she didn’t want it to come out at a later time and was just starting friendships with some of the girls on the show. Emily said she kind of knew and was going to ask her about it, but Emily thanked her for telling her and said she’s moved on and is in a much positive space now and that she didn’t have a problem with her and was cool with it.

But, Chrissy (Jim Jones’ girlfriend) intervened saying that it was going to get ugly now and Kim and even Emily questioned why would it. Chrissy kept mouthing off about Kim and when Kim didn’t back down and argued back, Chrissy didn’t like that.

Chrissy said “I’m going outside to get some air” and when she walked towards the door past Kim, she unexpectedly sucka punched Kim in the face out of nowhere.

Emily didn’t jump in and had absolutely nothing to do with the argument.

You will see when the show airs that the situation happened exactly like this. I was at this event and saw it all unfold.

Personally, I think Chrissy is responsible for passing around this story trying to deflect her own sketchy past. She has a history of being with rappers and ball players herself like Jay Z (who mentions her name in one of his songs on Reasonable Doubt), P Diddy, Max B. (one of Jim’s old associates), and basketball players Allen Iverson and Dominique Wilson to name a few. Everyone in NY, well at least Harlem knows her past as a notorious groupie. She was dead wrong for what she did and didn’t even try to have a fair fight.

Dayum… I hope you all got your popcorn ready! Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned…