SMH: Emily Punches Kimbella On Set Of Love & Hip-Hop Over Rapper Fabolous?!

Aug reports that a fight broke out between Kimbella (Juelz Santana’s babys mother) and Emily (Fab’s baby mother & ex) over rapper Fabolous during the taping of Love & Hip-Hop. SMH.

According to MTO, Emily decided to throw a party  in celebration of finally ending things with her longtime boyfriend/babys father Fabolous.

During the festivities, Kimbella became drunk and blurted out something to the effect of:

“It’s about time you left Fab, I’ve been messing with him for years.” (OH SNAP!)

Check out the rest of the story after the break:

Not surprisingly, Emily officially went off – as the party was cut short and Emily and Kim started an official throw down.

While the details are still surfacing from this alleged fight, we’re hearing cast member Chrissy jumped in to help Emily, who apparently didn’t need it as she punched Kimbella right in her face. (Yikes!)

No official comment from Fabolous or Juelz on this rachetness incident. But I’m sure the tweets will be talking soon.

Of course, MSDTV will keep you posted. Stay Tuned…

New details emerge check out the UPDATE HERE !