News: Lauryn Hill Reminisces Back On Her Classic LP ‘Miseducation’ |Video|


Lauryn Hill recently sat down to talk in depth about her five-time Grammy-winning debut solo album, ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,’ on ‘Classic Albums by Classic Artists,’ an exclusive film segment presented by Reebok Classics and Rock the Bells. Here’s a tidbit of what the Jersey native had to say:

“I grew up listening to the music that my parents collected as teenagers and children and I was fed a lot of that music and I think for me I sort of acted as sort of a bridge, you know what I mean, between an older generation and a younger generation and how to put these two musical styles together, you know, to build a continuum so that there wasn’t so much of a disconnect between the generations. I think the Miseducation was really what that was all about.”

You can catch Ms. Hill at this year’s Rock the Bells 2011 International Festival Series as she has promised to treat her loyal fans to a full performance of ‘Miseducation.’