Sticks-N-Stones: Terrell Owens Gets Called N-Word By Angry Fan For Unsigned Autograph |Video|


The price of fame has reached an all time high for NFL superstar Terrell Owens. Earlier this month he encountered a disgruntled fan in Miami who apparently had a few choice words for Owens ignoring his requests .

TMZ reports that while Terrell Owens was in Miami a “fan” decided to throw a full blown tantrum on T.O. since he wouldn’t sign an autograph or take a picture with him. (thirsty much?)

Soon after being declined, the fan decided to go on the verbal N-word attack, calling Owens a n*gger, and basically telling him – you ain’t sh*t. SMH.

Interestingly, while the verbal onslaught continued, T.O. smiled and took pics with other fans and basically ignored the stressed-out aggressor.

It looks like Terrell must be enrolled in some great anger management courses to survive all this – kudos to him.

Check out all the drama below: