|News| Long Island’s Music Hall Of Fame Finds A Home In Port Jefferson, New York


LL Cool J; one of the many honored by the Long Island Music Hall of Fame for  momentous contributions to music. 

The Hall of Fame honours artists from Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau and Suffolk counties who’ve made significant contributions to music. Inductees include LL Cool J, Mariah Carey, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Public Enemy and RUN-DMC – just to name a few. It never had a place to call “home” (besides a website online)…until now. A 15-year leasing contract has been signed in order to begin renovation at the former location of Port Jefferson’s First National Bank. The new facility will include an interactive museum, classrooms, exhibits and a performance hall. Renovations of the new museum can take up to a year but might be open to the public during construction.