News: Jay-Z Partners With Billionaire Boys Club In Collaboration with Rocawear Clothing


Jay-z is a self-proclaimed ‘business man’, and has every right to hold that title.  The music mogul recently acquired the licensing rights to manufacture and distribute Pharrell’s clothing line, Billionaire Boys Club.

After it was announced that fashion enthusiast, Nigo had sold his Bathing Ape line to a Hong Kong based apparel maker for $2.8 million, questions arose as to whether or not Nigo’s other brand (in association with Pharrell Williams) Billionaire Boys Club, would follow the same route.

The answer?  Sort of.  The BBC brand will now be managed under Jay-z and his Rocawear clothing line, but maintains Pharrell’s title as creative director.  Previous to Jay’s acquisition of the rights to manage BBC, Reebok was originally in talks to head the brand,  but was suspended after the release of Pharrell’s Ice Cream sneaker line; as all potential projects with Reebok and BBC were terminated in late 2004.

Billionaire Boys Club was founded in 2005, and has store locations in North America, the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia.