|Video| Drake Explains Why He Picked “Headlines” As His 1st Single


After performing at his OVOfest, Drizzy explains to Billboard why he selected Headlines as his official single for “Take Care” He also hints having a 18 tracks LP for his sophomore release.

“I always try to put forth a song with a message. A lot of people pick their single by what’s the strongest song. I don’t really do that. I like to make sure that the content is very relevant to right now. I want people to party to it but at the same time the fans, the people that care about my career, the people that follow me, will hear a message in it. This is really, in my opinion, my best project. There’s a lot of songs on it. Although people encourage me like, ‘Oh, do 11, 12 songs,’ I think there’s going to be probably 18 songs on it. It’s very reminiscent of ‘So Far Gone’ but the production has stepped up like 10 notches. I feel like I’ve gotten better at rapping, so I’m really excited for people to hear the bars.”

Take Care, October 24th.