News: Neighbors Say Chris Brown Is A ‘Nightmare’ To Live With


Chris Brown isn’t making his neighbors too happy.  Brown is being hailed as the “neighbor from hell” due to his alleged disregard for surrounding tenants – his ‘antics’ include, parking his luxury cars in handicapped spots, blasting music from his residential suite, and racing dogs down the hallways.

The singer hasn’t even been living in the space for more than 6 months, and yet he has managed to infuriate his neighbors to the level where, an abundant number of continuous complaints have been attached with his name.  Brown’s lawyer states, he is being treated unjustly, as it is understood by Brown’s camp that he has his own parking space, and it has not yet been proven that he is actually taking up spaces in the building’s handicapped spots.

It is also reported that an unknown person carved “C.B.” into one of the elevators this past week, causing authorities to investigate the incident.

Looks like it’s not getting any easier for Chris to revamp his image…