Fox News Anchor Bashes Chris Brown’s Performance On The Today Show – Chris Responds Via Twitter |Video|


Chris Brown was recently criticized for his performance on The Today Show this past Friday, by Fox News Anchor, Laura Ingraham.

Now, we all know the type of propaganda Fox is notorious for circulating on their “news” program, however, the extent to which Ingraham took her political analytic take on Brown’s performance, was…spellbinding.  O_o

Chris Brown conducted a stage performance for NBC’s Today Show Friday morning, attracting a 12,000+ crowd filler (some of which slept on the streets outside of the venue), upon which, Fox News took it upon themselves to do a special segment on the distaste they had for NBC’s promotion of Brown’s “bad behavior”.  This was mostly in reference to the story that made headlines nearly 2 years ago – his altercation with girlfriend at the time, R&B singer, Rihanna.

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Along with a series of side comments about Chris’ ‘lackadaiscal’ performance and lyrical content in songs, this is a gist of what Ingraham had to say,

“Now whatever you think of his music, Chris Brown beat his girlfriend to a pulp, he uses the N-Word, the C-Word, the S-Word, the F-Word, the most degrading misogynistic lyrics in some of his top songs like “Look At Me Now,” he trashed the ABC studio, yet he’s treated like royalty, the Pope, whatever the best analogy is on the Today show…

Chris then voiced his own opinon by stating (via Twitter),

“People really should grow up sometimes!  I guess the next story they make up will say “chris brown paid the fans to come! #stopit5 hahaha,” says Brown. “I get it though! They are upset at the fact that the today show actually focuses on talent instead of an almost 3 year old incident! Running bogus and pointless stories don’t matter! My fans prove that everyday and the haters just look old as F**k !”

He continues to say, “I keep my head high and my middle finger higher!  I love team breezy. Let’s just laugh it off cuz they mad. Ahahahahaha…Fame + Platinum= Fortune! Nobody can take my joy.  I have some of the most incredible fans in the world. I love my fans…everyone of them. Special moments in my life are because of you!  Thank you.”

50 cent also chimed in with his endorsement of Brown, and disregard for the news channel,

“I just saw a clip on FOX news Hating on NBC for having chris brown on…unbelievable,” says 50 Cent. “I’m never watching that again. He paid for his mistake #!@%*# holes.”

It looks like Ingraham and her camp over at Fox News didn’t rub all these people  the right way – maybe they should consider following up on things like world hunger and international social/political injustices.  Maybe.

To get more of the anchor’s two cents on Chris, here’s the full video: