News: Man Alleges Shaquille O’ Neal Ordered Him To ‘Kill People’, Including A Woman Carrying His Child


It is alleged that retired NBA basketball star, Shaquille O’ Neal had devised a plan to carry out hits on several people, including a well-known record producer, a gang member, and a woman that Shaq had impregnated.

As previously reported on MSDTV, Shaq has been under fire for supposedly being involved in a series of kidnappings, hits, (lost) sex tapes, etc.  The man responsible for these accusations goes by the name of Robert Ross, an ex-gang member and former friend of O’ Neal.  Ross claims that Shaq brought these requests to him in 2008, masterminding the entire thing.  Documents were filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, as Ross states,

“For many years O’Neal requested and directed [Ross] to perform many personal favors and directed him to perform various tasks including, but not limited to: ordering [Ross] to kill a member of the Downtown Gangster Crips who had disrespected O’Neal in front of his wife Shaunie.”

Ross is also accusing Shaq of ordering him to kill a woman who had become impregnated with O’Neal’s baby, in addition to breaking another NBA player’s shooting arm, and carrying out a hit on a popular record producer.

Shaq’s attorney is quoted in The L.A. times as saying the accusations are “outlandish” and “pure fiction”.  Which is understandable – the “blame game” set up by Ross is very hard to believe, however, in previous years, Shaq has been rumored to have his own personal squad who simply “took care of his business”.  O_o  No criminal charges have been served yet – as it could go either way; straight to court, or Shaq may have to pay up some money to keep his “business” quiet.

MSDTV will keep you posted on this story…