News: Alicia Keys Seen Walking The Streets Of NYC With Egypt & Kasseem Jr. |Photos|


R&B superstar Alicia Keys was spotted out in Soho today, taking a midday stroll with both her son, and 5-year old step son, Kasseem Jr…

Sigh.  Of course, one couldn’t help but notice Alicia’s killer thighs – a pair she is notorious for, as gossip sites & bloggers had a field day with the outfit she chose to wear on the streets of NYC, and how she looked in it.   Alicia rocked a pair of short-shorts with gladiator sandals – an obvious attempt at hiding the cankles she has, while also beating the heat; the combination was not very flattering to say the least.   So…Alicia hasn’t quite lost all of the baby fat that we thought she did – can we blame her for just trying to stay cool on a hot summer day in the city?  Can we?!

Take a look at the pics after the break and decide for yourselves: