News: Matthew Knowles Under Scrutiny For Allegedly Stealing Money From Beyonce


The controversy surrounding Beyonce’s business departure from her father in March were followed by rumors stating that the split was due to Mr. Knowles taking advantage of his former role as her manager – specifically, by partially granting Bey’s royalties for himself.  All in all, these speculations were never actually confirmed by Beyonce or her camp…until now.  In response to these allegations, Matthew Knowles vehemently denied that these rumors had any kind of truth behind them – however, legal documents filed by Bey and Live Nation seems to prove otherwise.

In the events leading up to Beyonce’s audacious decision to fire her longtime manager, Live Nation told Beyonce that her father had been stealing money from her previous tour – according to documents leaked by TMZ.  Startled by the severe allegations, she then hired a legal audit team to investigate just what was going on behind-the-scenes, and unfortunately, the information she was being fed turned out to be true.

Matthew Knowles still maintains that the allegations are absolutely false, and he wants to put those involved with this particular case, under review.  MSDTV will keep you posted…