Say It Ain’t So: Tyga Accused of Stealing “Snapbacks Back” from 12 Y/O Rapper – |Evidence|


Stealing raps from a 12 year old child has to be one of the lowest points you can reach in your career as a rapper.

Sadly, this may be the case for Young Money artist Tyga who is being accused of biting a 12 year-old rapper’s swag in his song, Snapbacks Back f/ Chris Brown.

Skeptical? Well check out the press release below from Young Vishis’ camp on the matter and how the song got “STRAIGHT STOLEN”:

On June 10th, Durvel WIlson Sr. of Native Son Entertainment went about his usual promotional methods of posting new music from his artist to various sites and his friends on Facebook.

His newest promotional efforts was towards his son Durvel Wilson Jr. aka “Young Vishis” with his new promotional single “Snapbacks Back The Tupac Remix”.

One of the Facebook pages he posted the song on was Young Money President “Mack Maine”. About eighteen days after, to his suprise the song was STRAIGHT STOLEN and recorded by Young Money artist Tyga with a feature from Chris Brown, not Young Vishis.

The chorus was changed a little but the concept of doing it about Snapbacks hats is what they took from the 12 Yr Old artist. We are aware it is a remix to “Tupacs Back” by Meek Millz and Rick Ross, however the reason Tyga and Chris Brown are getting props for the song was because the concept was different (refering to snapback hats).

To make matters worst when they went back to Mack Maine facebook page everything else that was posted that day was still there, but the post with the song. What he didn’t remember though was that his page still said that he added a link to his page that day. So it was a dumb move removing it.

According to Durvel Wilson, “This isn’t over at all, we won’t stop until everyone knows how dirty they did my son/artist”.

Young Vishis’s Song:

Tyga f/ Chris Brown Version: