Recap: Hot 97 Presents, Salute to Hip Hop at Best Buy Theater |Photos|


Hip Hop is alive and well.  The Lox, MOP, Neek The Exotic, Large Professor,Kid Capri, Keith Murray, Black Rob, Black Sheep, EPMD, Brand Nubian, Nice and Smooth were all amongst those who attended last nights event.  The heavyweights of the game found themselves all embracing each other’s raw talent one by one, as each act hit the stage in the Best Buy Theater. Everyone was in the building from new school to old school. Rappers, producers, DJ’s music execs, you name it they were there. MSDTV caught up with many of the great artist as they stepped off that stage.

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The energy and atmosphere was so Hip-Hop in every way!  The crowd roared as the legends of the game hit the stage.  A top memorable moment of the event was the LOX reunion. Styles P, Jadakiss, and Sheek Louch all hit the stage and performed classic material.  They all did solo verses as well. The crowd went crazy when Styles P did his verse off Rick Ross’ “ B.M.F.” Overall it was a great night for Hip-Hop. If you were there you would have felt that love, that energy and most important, you would understand that Hip-Hop is not dead.

Black Sheep
on the show
“Man we’re all on the stage just rocking out the each others set. The love is in the building.”

on future of Black Sheep
“Expect a new album. Its coming been working hard, but its definitely coming. I worked with some people that I really respect on this project.Im excited to be able to still have this connection with hip-hop.”

Black Rob
on the show
“I’m happy to be here, out here supporting hip-hop as usual you know how i do. Its a beautiful thing to be at an event like this. I haven’t see these guys in years. These are the guys that I support,  that i grew up with and performed with.Its a blessing.”

on Puff & Bad Boy
“Me and Puff are still cool. I mean we don’t talk everyday but I know its love and he knows its love. The Bad Boy deal ain’t work but we in a good place. Puff is my man but a lot of people think we not cool, we are tho.”

on absence from the game
“Everyone know I was I did 4 years up north, so that why I was missing, but as soon a I got out the first thing I did was hit the studio, doing interviews on BET. I still love hip-hop, I showed people that I didnt loose a step. Im not gon no where.”

on health update
“I had health problem , I had a kidney problem that people dont know about. I dont want to die and cant do this. So im on medicine now but its all good.”

Kid Capri,
on DJ’s
“I’m for DJ’s. I don’t dislike any one out right now. They fact that there keeping the game new and striving to keep the art alive  how can knock them. I don’t if care if they’re button Dj’s (quick laugh) or watever they do that’s them.”

on life,
“I’m proud of my career. I got to travel the world and do what I love to do. Im not at every event but I try to make it special when I do. Im here just enough. I don’t want people to be like “ Oh him again” (laughs).”

on the future
“We just got another season on the show ( referencing to a series on BET “ Master of the Mix) We start shooting the new season on July 8th.”

Advice to up-coming DJ’s
“Don’t do it cause you see you other people doing, do it cause you hot, do it cause its in your heart. That way your talent will really show. You don’t wanna be a touch button DJ, like really have the skills.”

Neek The Exotic
on show
“The energy is crazy. Aww  man it was crazy, to do a venue like this with all these great groups, all my friends, and all my brothers , it was a beautiful thing.”

“We have a show coming up July 9th at Prospect Park with Joell Ortiz and Rakwon,  and then July 12th, BBKings with Method Man.”