Esther Baxter Is New Cover Girl For King Magazine’s September/October Issue


Former beau to Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden, Esther Baxter is King Magazine’s new cover model for their forthcoming Sept/October issue.  Along with a gallery of photos which is sure to pull copies off the shelves, Baxter offers an open interview to the magazine, with some words about her relationship with Joey.

Here’s an excerpt:

Unfortunately, there’s been more focus on your recent public split with rapper Joe Budden. He does have a track record when it comes to being associated with video models. Did you know this going into your relationship?
With me, I had no idea who he was, what he did, or any of his music.

Seriously? You didn’t know about his hit record, “Pump It Up”?
No, I thought Swizz Beatz did that song.

Baxter claims she had no prior knowledge about the persona Joe Budden carried on before they met, stating, I didn’t know anything about his past. And I judged him by who he was and who he presented himself to me.”

Well, then.

You can pick up your own personal copy to read the rest of her interview with King, on July 17th.