News: Gunshots Heard Near Michael Jackson’s Home In Las Vegas


Reports state, that gunshots were fired not too far from Michael Jackson’s home in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the two-year anniversary of the King of Pop’s death in June 2009.

Fans gathered at Jackson’s former residence for a tour of the property yesterday, when the moment was tarnished by the sound of shots fired from a neighboring house.   The intended effort was to memorialize the late-great music icon, as the property’s owner made a statement to TMZ saying,

“We will strive to give you a glimpse into his private life and home, to allow you to walk where he walked, to see what he saw, to breathe the same air that he breathed and… to be inspired.”

In a senseless act, the momentous occasion was marred by this disturbance, as police arrived immediately from already being on-call for an isolated incident. Sources say no one was hurt, with the exception of a large pitbull that was shot by authorities after allegedly attempting to attack one of their officers. The dog reportedly did not suffer fatal injuries, and was rushed to a nearby vet.

The tour would have been the first since the music legend’s tragic death 2 years ago, as the home has remained unoccupied since.