Flo Rida Performs For Unlikely Audience At Canadian Bar Mitzvah


Flo Rida is known to the music world for his cross over records and popular club hits but is he taking his talents to Bar Mitzvahs now? Yes, this is true! According to TMZ.com, Miami Rapper Flo Rida performed at a wealthy young jewish kids Bar Mitzvah in Quebec, Canada. Flo performed a few songs for the very young crowd including hits like, “Get Low, “ Who Dat Girl”, and “You Spin me Round.”  Sources say Flo Rida put on a really good show and the crowd was thrilled. There is no word yet on how much Flo received for his hour long performance. Photogs spotted Flo in LA and asked him, but he declined to tell how much he received. Wonder what that check actually looked like…hmm…

Reported by : Leem Adderly