MSDTV Catches Up With Jagged Edge For Their Album Release Party Hosted By 98.7 KISS FM |Photos|


It’s official!  Jagged Edge has returned to the game after a four year hiatus. The R&B sensation hosted their album release party last night at the LQ lounge co sponsored by 98.7 KISS FM with “c’mon son” himself Ed Lover as the host! Although the group has returned to the music scene, one member was not present at the release party and the others explained why:

“Kyle is locked up. It’s all good tho, he’s been there before. (chuckles) send him a prayer or something.”

So the current trio hit the stage and performed some of their top hit records over the year.They began their performance with “Walked Outta Heaven”, followed by other classics such as “Let’s Get Married (remix)”, “I Gotta Be”, and “Where The Party At”.  J.E. expressed to the largely female populated crowd how happy they are to be back singing, doing what they love.

“Man it feels good.  Seven albums? where they do that at?”

It was the same Jagged Edge that we all know, all matching in orange and navy blue, rocking a whole lot of ice. The group’s 7th studio album “The Remedy” is in stores now!

Look for more pictures after the break: