Breaking News: Feds Catch Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond in NYC


As MSDTV reported earlier, Jimmy Rosemond’s name has been brought up in a number of connections to hip-hop related crimes, including Tupac’s murder back in ’96.   Well, you can’t go hiding forever – DEA agents apprehended Rosemond yesterday in New York City primarily for his association with a narcotics trafficking ring.  Sources say, the “henchman” was seen leaving the W Hotel in Union Square, where he tried to outrun federal agents but was captured on 21st street and Park Ave.  Feds were offered a tip from members in Rosemond’s camp, and reacted immediately.  Word on the street is, Rosemond had a mass amount of cocaine shipping back and forth from New York, which sometimes was covered with mustard to thwart off trained, drug-sniffing dogs.

Rosemond was scheduled to appear in Brooklyn Federal Court later on Tuesday afternoon, where it is reported that he maintained a “not guilty” plea, which is what his legal defense was predicting, anyway.  Rosemond’s attorney, Jeffery Lichtman states in an interview with MTV News:

“These charges obviously aren’t surprising, we’ve been anticipating them for years now,” he said. “But they’re built on the backs of people that have lied and cheated, have been threatened, have been bribed by the government. Anything to get Jimmy Rosemond, but all of this is going to be exposed. We’ve been waiting a long time for our day in court — we finally have it.”

Doing what a good lawyer does, Lichtman stands behind Rosemond 100%.  Lichtman strongly believes that the evidence used in this case is due in large proportion to, well-known criminals in direct opposition to Rosemond simply looking for a margin of safety.  He goes on to say:

“When you got witnesses like that against you, it can make anybody paranoid and believe that they won’t be getting a fair trial,” Lichtman said. “When the case starts, we’ll be ready to go.”

Hmm…time will tell.  As always, MSDTV will keep you updated on this story.