Rumor Alert: Diva Knowles – And We’re Not Talkin’ About Beyonce…


Reports are circulating from sources on site of Beyonce’s new video for “Best Thing I Never Had”, that Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, seems to be quite the diva aside from her superstar daughter.   The music video was filmed on location in Westchester County last Wednesday, and Fort Greene, Brooklyn the following Thursday.  Those fortunate enough to be a part of the shoot are reportedly saying that although Beyonce is quite the sweetheart in person, her mother is the one that wears the crown – attitude and all.

According to insiders, there were several assistants that mother Knowles had following her around set, and were required to address her as “Miss Tina”.  O_o  Not only this, but word is that the “diva” herself also told camera crews they were taking too long in between takes, and that none of the extras were allowed to talk directly to Beyonce.  O_o  Maybe a mother just wants what’s best for her daughter…?

Who knows.  Far from a diva however, sounds like “Miss Tina” just got a big ego.