Grafh Speaks On Being A Free Agent Plus “The Rule EP” Episode #1 |Video|


I have a major announcement to make: I AM A FREE AGENT. I am no longer signed to any label. My long-time manager and mentor, Chaz Williams, and I have also decided to end our professional relationship. Anyone who has followed my career thus far knows how hard of a decision this was for me.

You heard the man. He didn’t stutter! No more “Blackhand the label we are the GANG!” It’s a sad story but sometimes, a change is what’s needed to move forward. Grafh addressed his fans a few weeks ago about his new situation. This is what he had to say:

To be clear, there is no beef between Chaz and myself. We are family, and will always be family. It was a mutual decision to go our separate ways. We’ve both been busy with our own projects, and this was just a natural progression. I’m going in a new direction creatively, and needed to start fresh in order to make that transition. Chaz has been supportive of my growth. It’s all about the present

With that being said, he’ll be releasing a brand new EP entitled “The Rule”, on July 25th. The Rule EP is an 8-song prelude to his debut album. Everything was done in-house by his newly assembled creative team. The extended play comes with brand new web episodes where he welcomes the world into his world. Make sure you come back next week, we’ll be premiering the first offering off of “The Rule”.