Feds Tie Rosemond’s Name To Another Possible Involvement With Hip-Hop Related Murder


As if things couldn’t get any better for hip-hop tycoon James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, who recently had his name dropped as one of the primary suspects in the murder of Tupac Shakur; he is now facing an alleged involvement with the murder of  G-Unit associate, Lowell Fletcher, along with two other men in the Rosemond camp.

Fletcher’s case has been open since his death in September 2009, and is believed to be connected to an attack on Rosemond’s son by both Fletcher, and G-Unit member Tony Yayo.  Sources say, that federal agents harbor suspicion that Rosemond implemented the hit.

The feud began back in 2007, when Fletcher spotted Rosemond’s son walking down the street with a t-shirt bearing the name of his father’s music company, Czar Entertainment, and attacked him by striking him in the head.  At the time of the incident, Fletcher was involved in a vicious conflict with rapper The Game, who was being managed by Rosemond’s company.   Upon his release from prison, Fletcher was shot to death in the Bronx by several men, reported by NYPD investigators.

Those men are now believed to be Rodney Johnson and Brian Mcleod – two allies who have been co-defendants for a narcotics trafficking case in Rosemond’s name, as well.   Rosemond’s ‘henchmen’ are also being mentioned in a possible connection with the murder of Run DMC’s Jam-Master Jay in 2002, in addition to an involvement with Tupac’s murder back in 1996.

Rosemond is currently on the run, facing several federal charges that date back more than 10 years.