News: Shaquille O’Neil Offered As A Suspect in Alleged Kidnapping, Sex Tape & Assault Scandal


What a difference a week makes. It was only a like few weeks ago that Shaquille O’Neal was announcing his retirement, and now the former NBA champion is having his name thrown around in a criminal case that involves an alleged kidnapping, sex tape, 7 gang members and a pistol-whipping beatdown robbery. Yikes. O_o

The story first came to light from Shaq’s former business partner who is now accusing the retired superstar of a set-up that involved him being kidnapped, robbed and pistol-whipped by 7 L.A. Crips members over an alleged sex tape with his mistresses while he was married to now ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal.

TMZ reports Robert Ross, who claims to have worked on some business projects with Shaq, says that he and the baller fell out after a business deal with Ray J went sour. Check out the full story after the break:

TMZ gives Ross’ explanation:

Feeling that Shaq owed him some money, Robert told Shaq that the security cameras at his home had captured him having sex with several women during his marriage to Shaunie. But before Robert and Shaq could strike a deal…the situation went sideways.

Robert claims that on Feb. 11, 2008 his Rolls Royce Phantom was surrounded by seven gang members, with guns drawn, who jumped into his car and made him drive to a house in South Central L.A.

Once there, he says he was pistol whipped, robbed of $15,000 and told to turn over the sex tape. He promised he would and they let him go.

But of course Rob went to the cops and the 7 men are now in jail and currently in the middle of a preliminary hearing.

Although Shaq’s name has been offered as a suspect, Shaq has not been officially charged with anything – as yet.

So will a Shaq sex tape be surfacing? Not likely as Ross told the cops that the security camera recycles periodically and the video no longer exists. Yet, I have it feeling this isn’t the end of the story.

Stay Tuned…