Like A Pimp: Bishop Eddie Long Makes it Rain in Church |Video|


Bishop Eddie Long seems to have found the answer to his prayers last Sunday, as an eager congregation member ran down the isle during his sermon to deliver the pastor a generous stack of money.

As reported by Ms. Drama TV, Eddie Long has been under intense scrutiny due to his recent sexual abuse scandal where he reluctantly settled outside of court for a rumored 25 million dollars.

The question on many people’s minds has been — where would this money come from?

Well the Bishop apparently has found a solution: Locate the willing and able congregation members and have them deliver stacks of dough during service. Seems simple enough…

And as it was seemingly contrived, so it was acted out. On the Bishop’s cue of “vision” a woman with a thick stack of bills ran from her seat and “blessed” the pastor with the money. A bit much? – Maybe.

When the payment was delivered, Long then told the church:

“Manifest! Signs, wonders, and miracles! I couldn’t pray for that! That’s just the first fruit, I see everybody bringing that to the alter. Quick, fast, in a hurry.”

The bamboozled eager congregation then replied “bless Pastor.”

While this played out quite unusual to the outside spectator, the church was ignited and some were compelled to start dropping off money at the Long’s feet.

Eddie then said, “It might be her day today…but my day coming.” (to the congregation).

For the full spectacle, watch the video after the break:

Did Eddie Long go too far or was this a genuine act of giving?