You Win Some You Loose Some: The Heat Loss According to Ms. Drama TV


First off I’d like to say congratulation to Jason Kidd, Caron Butler, Tyson Chandler, Jason Terry, Peja Stojaković , Dirk Nowitki & the rest of the Dallas Mavericks staff. Mark Cubain included. And Deshawn Stevenson (can’t believe I’m actually saying that…HE got a ring before Bron!) *Remember this* The better team won.

So you ask me: How you feel now that Bron & the Heat didn’t get that ring? I’m disappointed! Not shock, not mad, not in tears (never!). I’m just really disappointed. This was THE one to get…and we failed. This was not the ending I envisioned. Congratulating the Mavs? But that’s just the reality of things & there’s nothing I can do about it.

Lebron James…we all know I’m a supporter. You had a marvelous playoffs run…until the finals. What happened bruh? I mean the whole point of making this transition was to get that damn ring! But now you’re 0-2 in the Finals. You know what that means? Plenty of Lebron jokes…PLENTY! Bosh did his thing. Wade did his thing. You just didn’t have that fire in your eyes! Pause. You’ve lost a lot of stans bruh…it’s not even funny. New York is definitely happy right now. Same for Cleveland. You know what…this might sound cliche but you live to fight another day. There’s a reason why yall signed a 6 year contract! Didn’t succeed the first year, let’s rebound next year. Don’t want you to pull a Pat Ewing, Karl Malone & Sir Charles! Don’t worry, I’m not turning my back on you, unlike others.

At the end of the day, one thing did happen: the Lakers was nowhere to be found in the finals. Lol! I had to say it! On the real though, this was the Mavs time. They swept L.A…the then defending champions. The way Dirk carried his team on his shoulder was just a thing of beauty. For Jet to tattoo the Larry O’Brien trophy on his arm…that’s dedication! And he MOST DEFINITLY showed it in game 6. Damn! *a la Ron Simmons* So you can stop texting me, bbming me, sending me Heat fail pictures so on and so forth. This is my way to reply to eeeeeeeeverybody. Most importantly, I can move on & start posting stuff. Starting with the Mavs popping bottles at LIV last night! SMH!

Ricki “Don’t ask me about the L anymore” P.