Baby Daddy Drama: Rohan Marley denies being the father of Lauryn Hill’s Baby


Just when you thought all was good in Laurynville.

It looks like the singer may need a paternity test as her recent pregnancy news is now drawing questions of “whose the father”?

As reported on Ms. Drama TV, Lauryn Hill announced that she was pregnant with her sixth child over the weekend. Since Lauryn has been seemingly consistent with the father of her five children, Rohan Marley, we all assumed it was his.

Yet, the blogosphere has been buzzing today as exclusive news broke (via that Rohan Marley is now denying the baby is his. Check his twitter response to the “baby” question:

Maybe he didn’t get the memo? Or maybe he’s denying it since he IS still legally married to another woman, Geraldine Kwaley. Or could Ms. Hill be creeping?

Well, whatever the case, Maury is always available – so holla Rohan!

Stay Tuned…