Miguel Addresses Questions about His Sexuality In New Interview |Video|


R & B singer Miguel recently addressed questions of his sexuality in an interview, blaming the speculation as “cultural ignorance”.

Miguel expresses that his unique style has been targeted and – in some cases, assessed as flamboyant. The singer clears up the questions on his sexuality saying:

“For anyone who questions my sexuality, the answer is: I love women…. I’ve always only loved women. That’s it … and women kinda like me, too,” he adds.

In response to the speculation of his fashion sense being an indication of his lifestyle choice. Miguel offers:

“What I will say is that we really do have the tools at our disposal to broaden our horizons,” Miguel said. “At this point, I’ve embraced a lot of worldly culture, and I’ve made it a part of who I am. People who are here who have not done that may look at my choices artistically, how I express myself visually and aesthetically as questionably, especially to my sexuality. Whereas, people who have traveled or done the same… it’s not questionable at all. I think it’s really a question as to whether or not you’re ignorant to whatever else is out there.”

Check out his full interview below: