Mister Cee Responds to Guilty Plea via Twitter


Today, Mister Cee took to his twitter to vent his frustration on his case.

As suspected in our previous post (you can read it here), Mr. Cee opened up to his followers with rants about the “situation” being his own personal business, etc. Cee also had a very revealing Throwback at Noon segment today, where his selections proved to be, to say the least, very interesting. Although he didn’t say very much about his court appearance (not in direct fashion, at least) his track selections included snippets of KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police”, arguably a subliminal hit to the NYPD; coincidentally, he plays this the day after his controversial court date that had the entire city buzzing. Hmm…. See below:


It would be remiss of us to use this incident as a means of taking away from Mister Cee’s prolific contributions to the Hip-Hop community – undoubtedly so, his craft is something to be appreciated and admired.

Clearly, one’s own personal business should be just that – personal. However, being a public figure — and such a prominent one in the world of Hip-Hop, one cannot expect such a controversial story to be kept under raps. Please don’t get it twisted, this is not about “hate”, but rather, this has more to do with being real with yourself. It’s a beautiful thing to just embrace who you are, instead of denying (again & again) the reality of a situation. Maybe it’s just me.

Stay Tuned..

Reported by: Raquel Feurtado