Mos Def makes a Surprise Cameo at Fort Green Festival in Brooklyn |Photos|


Brooklyn energy is like that of no other – the diversity, the culture, and the history immersed within its streets is definitely something to be recognized.   What better do so, than to jump-off Memorial Day weekend with Fort Greene’s Festival kickoff series featuring hip hop icons, “The Abstract” Q-Tip, and legend Pete Rock.

On Saturday, May 28th Danny Castro as well as several other hosts (Rosie Perez, Danny Simmons & Michaela Angela Davis), paid tribute to Fort Greene’s diverse community by infecting its audience with the sounds of Q-Tip, alongside Pete Rock on the ones and twos at Sanders Studio.  However, the crowd was not given the opportunity to witness a live stage performance from either MC – not as rap artists, at least.  Not many people are aware of this, but every now and again, Grammy-Award winner Q-Tip puts the mic down, and picks up his turntables to give the effect of an all-aspiring deejay deep in the game – his transitions, selections & ability to intertwine both of these skills successfully, definitely gave the people of Brooklyn something to move their bodies to as he and Pete Rock went back and forth between heavy ol’ skool as well as new skool.  In a timely progression, the pair exchanged waves of sounds from varieties such as reggae, to hip-hop jazz (a genre that Pete Rock is notably recognized in), and of course, classics from both artists.  The reverberations emanating from the speakers of Sanders Studios tore the entire place down, as everyone vibed off of Q-tip and Pete Rock’s amazing energy.  As if that wasn’t enough, an appearance from Mos Def made the event that more unforgettable.  Blessed with an opportunity to see these three in action and to enjoy it with people from different creeds, races, and backgrounds kicked off summer the right way, as the holiday weekend was in full effect.

Check out the candid photos after the break.

The festival consists of a two-day cultural celebration that caters to about 10,000 people, in efforts to honor one of Brooklyn’s most effervescent and artistic enclaves.  It is one of the main attractions of a summer kickoff series, as New York City provides its residents with the distinct pleasure of celebrating summer in the city in an intimate setting coupled with portraits of art, music, and film.  If you dig deep enough, you will find the city has tons of cultural exploits, one of which includes the Fort Greene festival.

And what a festival it was.

Reported by: Raquel Feurtado