Let the Church say Amen: Bishop Eddie Long Reaches A Settlement w/ his Accusers


Bishop Eddie Long may be releasing a sigh of relief as he has reached a settlement with the four plantiffs who accused him of using his influence to coerce them into sexual situations.

Although Long had previously told his congregation, “This thing I’m gonna fight,” Long is apparently singing a different tune now.

Recent reports have been released stating that the Bishop has decided to settle with the four male plantiffs who accused him of sexual misconduct for 15 million dollar.

At first, settlement talks weren’t going so well for Atlanta mega church leader. The young men wanted more than the $4 million offered and a public apology. They ended up settling for a closed door apology, and 5 million shy of their $20 million asked – $15 million total which is about $3.6 million each.

This settlement  leaves many questions unanswered, specifically the question on everyone’s mind: Is Bishop Eddie Long gay and if so how long has this been going on?

Sadly we may never know as, B.J. Bernstein, who represented the four men who sued Bishop Long, said neither she nor the plaintiffs, Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg and Spencer LeGrande, would be available for an interview “on this matter, now or in the future. “

And Barbara Marschalk, who represented New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy, stated “…the lawsuits will be dismissed, with prejudice, by close of business tomorrow.”

Stay Tuned. I have a feeling that this story is not over.