|Exclusive| Pilar Sanders tells Ms. Drama about the “alleged” fight btw LisaRaye & Stacey Dash!


Uh-oh. Looks like there could actually be some “drama” on the set folks.

I caught up with Pillar Sanders at the BET press conference this week and had her give me the details about what happened between LisaRaye and Stacy Dash. As you know there has been rumors floating around that a fight broke out between them. While Pilar did not officially confirm that there was a throw down between the two women she did confirm that LisaRaye “does not play” and that Stacy Dash is a “small girl” (with the potential to get hurt).

To me that is clear acknowledgement – but I’ll let you decide!

Check out my interview with Pilar below – and some exclusive pictures from the set of Single Ladies I was sent.

Pilar Sanders plays “Jennifer” the Wife of the Atlanta Mayor portrayed by Rapper Common in the New VH1 original series Single Ladies. Drama arises when she discovers her husband steped out with one of the main cast and she is forced to confront the situation. The series also stars Lisa Raye, Lauren London, & Stacey Dash and airs May 30th.