The Game’s New Video ‘Red Nation’ Banned? Networks say, “It’s too Aggressive!”


Give me a moment people - this dye is making my head hurt!


I’m not sure if the dye officially has seeped into Game’s head, but he’s sure having a tough time getting his new music video off the ground. Game’s latest music video, ‘Red Nation,’ featuring Lil Wayne has been deemed too controversial for its subtle gang references. BET and MTV networks have banned the video, calling it “too aggressive” and refuse to air the footage.

In response to the banning, The Game decided to move forward with premiering the content solely online, “Not wanting to loose the ‘artistic integrity’ of the music video”.

In Related News: The Game was detained last month in Canada while filming the visuals for ‘Red Nation’. The Game tweeted the mishap before having his electronics confiscated.

Game’s fourth LP, ‘The R.E.D. Album,’ which has had as series of delays -is scheduled to hit stores this summer. Check out his “banned” video below: