X-Factor Drama: L.A. Reid Gets Irate with Contestants and Paula Abdul Signs On for Season!


Simon Cowell may have another hit on his hands. Its seems that former American Idol judge has used his ‘bad guy, good girl” formula once again to get instant ratings.

Reports are coming in that “X-Factor” judge L.A. Reid, is turning into the “next” Simon Cowell. So far we’re hearing that L.A. is extremely critical and holds nothing back. Has L.A. invoked the spirit of Simon Cowell for the show? O_o

Here’s what L.A. Reid said to a 52 year old contestant of the show:

“When was the last time you performed? Eighteen years ago? Whatever made you stop then, you should’ve stuck with that decision.”

Wowzers. And to keep up his bad guy image, L.A. has the help of a new co-judge who surely knows how to play the game. Yes folks, the sugary sweet Paula Abdul has officially signed on for a season of X-Factor.

Let the fireworks begin!