When an Exclusive Goes Wrong: Esther Baxter talks Joe Budden Drama w/ Bossip & Sends Graphic Pics?


It was all good a couple of weeks ago, or so it seemed. Then Joe Budden released “No Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3.” last week and all hell broke lose. As reported by Ms. Drama TV, Budden puts his ex, Esther Baxter, on blast and recalled the violent argument that caused their relationship to end and Baxter to miscarry their child.

Bossip.com got the exclusive with Baxter who claimed she didn’t want all of her business out in the streets, but since Budden released the song, she felt she owed the public the truth. Well the alleged truth is officially out – and sadly – we may know too much. Bossip claims that Baxter sent them her miscarried featus pics to post, but Baxter denies sending the graphic pics and has now deleted her twitter account. Bossip also posted the police report and the restraining order Baxter had put on Budden, as well as photos of Baxter’s bruises plus the controversial miscarried fetus which is now deleted: Ester Baxter talks to Bossip

Watch Bossip’s interview below: