Kanye West set to Release his “Dark Twisted Fantasy” Scarfs? |Photos|


Kanye’s “Dark Twisted Fantasy” is emerging through the art world via his new signature line of scarfs. So for those who remember his “banned” album cover from last year – it is now conveniently a boutique scarf you can officially own for the low price of — $364?

West commissioned his line of scarves in collaboration with French design partnership M/M (Paris). Starting Monday, Ye will be offering five limited-edition designs, based on the of paintings George Condo, who made the cover of the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album and Kanye’s other musical fantasies.

For those interested in purchasing, you can pick from the five designs of Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest and Ballerina, with each set in a frame of gold lettering created by the M/M (Paris) team.

Peep the creepy scarfs below: