?uestlove shares Tender Moments in his “When I Was 17” Episode! |Video|


Just in case you missed it folks, this weekend’s episode of MTV’s “When I was 17” featured famous drummer, producer, and DJ ?uestlove. Below is a candid clip from the show.

For those of you who aren’t up on your ?uestlove history, Ahmir Khalib Thompson aka ?uestlove is known as a drumming prodigy. He told MTV he discovered his love for music after he received a keyboard for Christmas. He remarks:

“It was my job to make beats during lunchtime period… I sorta got inducted into cool guy territory.

Still a cool guy in my book. Peep the clip below:

Just in case you remember this talented drummer from somewhere else….

Check out Ms. Drama’s interview with ?uestlove at this listening session.