Still Winning? Soulja Boy Gets Denied via Twitter about YMCMB Deal!


I'll sign him when he starts greeting me like Wayne!

Last week was pretty epic for Soulja Boy, but this week is looking a little rough.

In an interview with Rap-Up, Soulja Boy revealed that during a recent trip to Miami to record with Sean Kingston, he met with Cash Money CEO, Birdman, to discuss joining the YMCMB crew:

“I met with Baby and Slim down in Miami. He’s trying to get me to come over to Cash Money.I’ve been a fan of Cash Money since I was young. I’ve been listening to Birdman’s music since I was growing up. I would have never thought. I’m taking it into consideration. Birdman, we really had a good talk when we met. But I’m still young. I’m only 20 years old. So after I do these two albums, I either have the choice to go back to Interscope and re-up, do my contract over, or I can go down to Miami with Cash Money.”

While this story became a hot topic on many sites due to his new relationship with Diamond (formerly of Crime Mob) and his success in landing the role of Tupac for the remake of Juice, Soulja Boy seemed to be on an unstoppable roll. Or so it seemed.

Today Baby took to twitter to clarify the rumors. And to offer a little de-swagging to the kid:

YMCMB busine$$ real talk.I neva tried 2 sign n0b0dy thts already sign 2 s0meb0dy.we d0nt r0ck like tht.I neva tried 2 sign s0ulja.but I respect tha lil h0mey wrk keep getn it$$$$

Dag homie, last week you were the man homie.