Reality Show Roundup: Amber Rose gets denied & Coco tells her Secret!


Reality shows are apparently the new sitcoms and dramas now. It seems that anyone who’s looking to be a celebrity in the entertainment world is trying their luck at getting on a reality show.

Not surprisingly, Amber Rose – has also made mention of an upcoming reality show entitled, “Behind Her Shades” which would be a behind the scenes glimpse of her life. (Anyone care yet?)

Here’s what Rose had to say to VIBE earlier this month:

“Well, I also have a reality show that’s gonna come out on VH1 and start filming early June, so that’s gonna be incorporated in the show. The shop isn’t up right now. You’ll see the process that I have to go through in order to get — it’s not really easy to get a store and get people to come….but it’ll go through. My show is going to be an open book of my life and my family and my businesses and its called “Behind Her Shades,” because usually I have shades on and its everything behind them that people don’t know about. But they will learn, and part of that is my shade shop. It’s all vintage frames.”

Unfortunately, Rose appears to have jumped the gun on her supposed show as a rep for the company told MTV that they have no knowledge of any such project.

Amber has not yet released a statement on the issue. Dayummmm. Oh well – I’m sure we’ll live.

In other reality show news, Coco, wife of Ice T — will now officially star in her own reality TV show, which will be broadcast on E!.
TMZ broke the news earlier this week that her show will be titled “Coco’s Secret”, which will focus on the couple’s life in New York City.

Coco then confirmed the announcement via social networking site Twitter writing, “OH wow!!! TMZ broke my secret today!!!!! I”ve been wanting to tell my followers for a month now. Here it is-”

She added, “Since the secrets out. Yes. Been working really hard this month on my new Reality Show that airs June 12th on E! 1030pm after the Kardashians.”

Congrats to Coco. I’m not sure what this secret is – but I hope it’s good!