Say it Ain’t So! Krayzie Bone Quits Bone Thugs and the Thugs Ain’t Having it! |Video|


Me & My thug family. Sigh those were the days!

It looks like all is NOT well in the thuggish- ruggish bone family. Last week, original group member Krayzie Bone decided to part ways after 20 years with the legendary group in lieu of focusing on the “next generation” of talent he is trying to promote.

Apparently the remaining members of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony are furious with Krayzie Bone claiming that he disrespected the memory of Eazy-E by quitting the group.

The drama unfolded last week — when Krayzie released a this YouTube video:

TMZ spoke with two of the remaining members, Flesh-n-Bone and Layzie Bone who stated they thought Krayzie Bone was a “dumb f**k” for leaving the group because Bone Thugs “made him who he is.” Flesh-n-Bone also gave his thoughts saying, “Krayzie might as well say ‘F**k Eazy-E’ because he is disrespecting Eazy-E’s legacy by leaving the group.”

For those of you not up on your Bone Thugs -n- Harmony history, Eazy-E is credited with discovering the group back in the early ’90s.

Flesh says the group will continue to record music — adding, “Let [Krayzie] walk away … Bone Thugs will be here regardless. The group will not be affected by Krayzie going … he knows where home is.”

Also noted, Wish Bone has yet to comment on Krayzie’s decision to leave – but I am hearing through the grapevine he has also decided to part ways! Stay Tuned….

Btw, I honestly thought they had it together! Check them out in this interview I did after the jump.

This interview was done a few years ago right before their last album dropped. Sigh, let’s stay Unified!